I’ve been racking my brains to think to think up a funny joke for the boys to mark April Fool’s Day tomorrow,  but discounted so many because either they weren’t funny, or they wouldn’t be tricked. I didn’t want something that would mean I had to clear up, or that would make the children look silly, and we don’t really have that much time in the mornings before school. So I decided on putting a little suprise in their lunch boxes…

April Fool's Day hotdog surprise


This is no ordinary hot dog… This sweet little treat is, in fact, a chocolatey, cakey, jammy pudding! The sponge fingers replace a hot dog roll, and instead of a sausage is a bite-sized Cadbury Fudge. It’ll come as no surprise when I tell you that the tomato sauce is really strawberry jam. I am pretty sure that neither of my boys will be tricked for long, but they’ll enjoy the surprise anyway. And I much prefer April Surprise Day to April Fool’s Day.

In the morning, I am also going to put a blob of food colouring underneath their cereal in their bowls, so that when they pour the milk on, it changes colour… and naturally the children may play some little tricks on their dad too, but I couldn’t possibly divulge what!

Are you playing any tricks on your nearest and dearest tomorrow? The old, swap the salt for sugar one maybe? Or change all the clocks, so they go to work an hour early (my mum actually did that on my dad once – he wasn’t amused!). Nothing can beat the 1957 Panorama Swiss Spaghetti Harvest though – possibly the most iconic April Fool’s Day trick of all time.


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