Ben, Ben, Ben…

What can I say about Ben… it’s our eldest son’s 7th birthday tomorrow. How did that  happen? It seems no time at all since he was born, eight days later than I was promised (like most first time mums I knew babies rarely arrived on time, but I was getting distinctly fed up of being pregnant by then). I still remember Lee driving me to the hospital at 5am, worrying about letting my friend down, who I was supposed to be meeting for lunch the following day, gripping the door handle in agony. And even then it took until 4.42pm for Ben to actually put in an appearance.

But what about since then? Without being too gushy, most of the time Ben is an utter joy. He’s handsome (takes after his Dad), clever (ditto), fun, caring, polite… not sure I could ask for anything more.

This year has been a pretty good one. Ben’s in Key Stage 2 at school (Juniors, to those of us who are no longer children) and doing really well. He’s lost three teeth so far (quite possibly four teeth by the end of tomorrow), and grown in more ways than one. Of course, he has the odd strop, but then don’t we all? Okay, so maybe not over whether we’ve played on Moshi Monsters for long enough, but we all have our foibles. He has two main loves (apart from his dear old mum) which are computers and Star Wars, and if he can combine the two, so much the better.

For all his cleverness and pseudoconfidence, he’s actually a sensitive little boy, and prone to taking things to heart a bit. He finds it hard to tell someone when something is wrong, and bottles things up. He relishes acknowledgement of his ability, particularly at school – just for someone to have noticed he’s tried, and done well, not for any physical reward.

So Benjy, I guess what I really want to say is we love you. Even when we tell you off, we will always love you. You make us happy and we want you to be happy. Have a very happy birthday, Sunshine xx

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