Those of youwho follow me on Twitter may notice that I enter a few competitions (sorry if I spam your feed) but I do actually win quite a few so I thought it was time to make a little list of my wins, and share my tactics (not that I enter tactically, really).

I don’t spend hours every day entering competitions, as some more seasoned “compers” do. Mine is more of a casual affair, which generally takes place in the evening (when Mr is working) and I have nothing pressing to do (apart from the ironing, but who wants to iron at 9pm?)

Most of the competitions I enter are listed on Money Saving Expert’s competition forum, and although I do enter some of the competitions that involve more effort, most of the ones I enter are rafflecopter based, or newsletter signups. Naturally the competitions offering larger prizes tend to rely on entrants putting in more time, so if it’s something I really want to win, I’ll make the effort.

Latest Wins

ness handbagNail Varnish (Bourjois Monday Funday) – February 2014
£10 Amazon voucher (Aunt Bessie’s Facebook game) – January 2014
La Roche Posay Effaclar (A Model Recommends giveaway) – January 2014
Ness handbag (Ness Twitter giveaway) – December 2013

Previous to this, I have won shoes, vouchers, chocolates, dvds, Lego and other lovely things, although I have yet to win a car or holiday.

Competition Tips

1. Enter. If you don’t enter, you can’t win – simples. It’s easy to say “well, what’s the point, I won’t win” but if you don’t at least try then you definitely won’t. If you are short of time, focus on ones you actually want to win, rather than entering everything you see.

2. Use a separate email address. I have several email addresses, and one I reserve for competitions which I know I am likely to get spammed with newsletters from – purely so my inbox doesn’t get jammed up. If it’s on a blog I am interested in, I usually use my main email as I am happy to receive their post updates.

3. Join comping websites, such as Competwition, Loquax or The Prizefinder. I must admit, I don’t do this, as I have enough entries from MSE, but dedicated competition websites can offer a bigger range for people wanting to spend more time entering.

4. Sign up to Twitter and Facebook, assuming you aren’t already, as these are popular entry methods. Many people have separate Twitter accounts for entering competitions, but I can’t help feeling that an account which is used for non-competition entries would be viewed more favourably if a competition winner was being chosen, rather than picked at random.

5. Think big. The television channels run daily competitions, often with big money prizes, and these usually have very simple questions as the entry route (or sometimes none at all). Give it a go – someone has to win.

6. Talking of questions, get the answer right. Competition questions are usually easy, although some do require a little research (again, mostly if the prize is a biggie). If you don’t get the answer right, you won’t win.

7. Read the T&Cs. If the prize involves publicity and you know you won’t want to be involved in that, or you can’t make the dates for the holiday on offer, don’t enter and take away someone else’s chance – that’s just plain rude, in my opinion.

8. If the competition states that you need to respond within a certain time, make sure you do. You don’t want to miss out on your prize through tardiness.

9. Some people keep a log of competitions they have entered, with the close date so they can check if they are a winner. I don’t do this yet, although I am thinking of it, mostly due to the increase in time it would take. It’s a handy way of keeping a track of your entries, and naturally you can add your wins in – when you get that email saying you have won, it’s a lovely feeling, and nice to look back.

10. Share the love. What goes around comes around, and I am happy to share competitions (both entries and prizes) around between my nearest and dearest. I do thinkabout who I nominate for prizes if the option is there, and if I see a competition that I think someone I know would love to win, I will enter it with the intention of giving the prize to them should I be lucky enough to win.

Above all, do it for fun – if you win it’s a bonus.

If you are a comper, and have any tips, please feel free to share them, or if you are running a competition, let me know. If you would be interested in offering a prize for a giveaway on Something About Clairey, please get in touch – I’d love to host a competition, and am always looking out for great prizes.


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One Reply to “Competition Queen Tips”

  1. This post is full of great tips! I casually enter sweepstakes and contests whenever I can, and have had only one victory (a set of nail polish from Refinery 29 – not a bad “only” win!), but what you say in the beginning is so true. You’ll never win if you don’t ever enter! Also I read something online that rang true – sometimes, people will fanatically enter sweeps for a couple weeks, spending an hour or more at a time, and then give up after 2 weeks when they see no results. What’s bad about this is that you’re often not giving enough time for the brand to pick a winner! And if you’d continued to do it, you’d only have more odds of winning something a month or two from now.

    Geez, now I’m inspired to enter some contests! haha. Good thing it’s a lazy Monday, and I have nothing to do 🙂

    xo, Liz

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