Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2014

Breakfast quote

Apparently there are people out there who don’t eat breakfast! I know, how can that be? Given the choice, I’d eat breakfast for, well, breakfast, dinner and tea – there are very few breakfast foods that I don’t enjoy.

It’s such an important meal, and sets you up for the day, which is why National Farmhouse Breakfast Week is back to celebrate all things relating to the wonderful morning banquet that can encompass almost all foods if you put your mind to it.

If you are the type of person to skip breakfast, have a think about this:

  • Breakfast gives you energy – after a long (or maybe not so long for some) sleep your body needs some fuel to get it going again, and breakfast provides a perfect top up.
  • Breakfast makes you brainy – eating a good breakfast helps concentration, improves memmory and boosts mental ability.
  • Breakfast makes you happy – I can vouch for this one! When you haven’t eaten all night, your blood sugar dips. Breakfast provides a sugar hit which improves your mood and reduces stress… winner!
  • Breakfast helps with weight loss – those who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to succumb to the temptation of sugary or fatty snacks by mid-morning, and that is never good for your waistline.
  • Breakfast provide great nutrition – cereals and other breakfast foods are packed full of vitamins and important nutrients. And bacon and eggs is basically protein, right?

So, now you see. Whether you choose fruit and yoghurt, cereal, toast or a full English, there are tonnes of reasons why breakfast is good for you, and a meal to be not just enjoyed,but celebrated. For me, the half an hour I get between the children going to school and me leaving for work is one of my most relaxed times of the day. Just me, a mug of tea, a couple of crumpets or muffins and some fruit. Hmmmm.

Over the coming week I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite breakfast recipes to give you some inspiration, but until then, you can get your mouth watering by checking out some breakfast events near you, or whip up some of the Breakfast Week recipes to Shake Up Your Wake Up.


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