We inherited this rather old and manky cupboard unit from the house we were in before this one, and as it was pretty scabby, and not to our taste, it was relegated to the garage for Mr to store his tools in. It moved with us to this house and served the same purpose. Until the time came for us to empty out the garage to make way for our shiny new kitchen extension. It was so close to being taken to the tip with so much other stuff, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to get rid of it. I just had a feeling that underneath the ugly duckling exterior was a beautiful swan just trying to get out.

So, after taking the doors off, borrowing my brother’s orbital sander, and unleashing my inner DIY goddess, I had it looking pretty nice. The carving on the front of the drawer and the doors is a lovely detail and makes this piece pretty interesting. I could get all the old varnish off, but when I’d sanded as much as I could, I primed it and painted it. The doors are a bit warped from age, but I’ve added internal bolts to keep them straight, new hinges, a little key to act as a door knob and some pretty glass drawer handles.

I am pretty impressed with myself, and have its place in the new kitchen planned already 🙂

What do you reckon?

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