I am rather excited about my upcoming trip to Harrogate to visit the very first BBC Good Food Show Spring at the HIC. I have persuaded Mr to take me to Leeds the day before, staying in a lovely looking hotel, 42 The Calls, which is a fab treat in itself – it has a sausage menu… what could be better! This way we can make an earlier start to Harrogate (it’s a good two hours drive to Harrogate from Carlisle), although as always, I miss the boys dreadfully! I have tickets to see James Martin in the Supertheatre, who I must confess to having developed a bit of a foodie crush on since my mum bought me his book (signed!) when she went to the Glasgow Good Food Show. I am very much looking forward to seeing what he rustles up on stage (and more than likely having a stab at it myself in the coming weeks).

As much as I loved seeing the big names at the last Good Food Show I visited, I really enjoyed the smaller, more artisan producers – they manufacture and source some amazing products that I had never even heard of, and naturally it’s always thrilling to come across new names in the foodie industry. For this reason, I’ll be heading to the Producer’s Village, and it may not surprise you to learn that I will be paying extra special attention to the Bakes and Cakes Village too.

The companies I am particularly interested in meeting are ones I am unable to purchase from easily at home, and ones I haven’t heard of, such as Masons Yorkshire Gin and Puckett’s Pickles. Naturally pickles have to be eaten with cheese and meats, and Tuckers Exotic Meats, selling all manner of meat from Alpaca to Zebra, sounds particularly intriguing.

If you have any tips for my day, which stands deserve an extra-long linger, or any you would like further information about, please let me know, and I’ll happily do my best to oblige. Only a week and a half to go, and I can’t wait!


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