Holidays at any cost?

How important is it that your family has a holiday? Is it the one thing you look forward to all year, squirreling away your pennies to pay for ice cream and donkey rides? I love our holidays. That week of relaxation and just enjoying being together is like no other feeling (until you get back and the washing mountain is revealed).

But I have to say I would never take my children out of school in order to have such a luxury. A school near me is introducing £50 fines for taking children out of school without the headmaster’s permission – and I have to say I totally agree. If you have children, holidays are lovely, but far less important than their education, in my humble opinion. Yes term-time holidays are far cheaper (in money terms) than the equivalent in school holidays, but what is the true cost? Can you put a value on your child’s education?

If it comes down to cost, the simple solution is to take fewer holidays – go every other year instead of every year. We are hoping to take the children to Florida next year, so we are starting to save now! (If anyone might be interested in sponsoring our trip, I won’t say no 😉 )

Possibly the only concession I can see is if you are taking a prolonged educational visit to somewhere cultural – but you should have to show that learning will still happen. Although I guess this would be much harder to enforce than a blanket rule of no holidays.

So, if you disagree, and happily take your children out of school, tell me why, because I would truly love to understand.

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