Meal planning ahoy!

Meal Planning MondayI do meal planning, in a loose sense, and tend to do a couple of weeks at a time, about the time I do a big shop. In our lovely (now not as new) kitchen, we are lucky to have a massive fridge freezer, that never seems to get full – it’s like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, I kid you not! This means I can bulk buy and get stacks in to last us a good while, then top up with fresh veg, milk etc in between (and the things I forgot to buy, but that’s another post).

As I mentioned previously, our house is on a bit of a fitness drive… the upcoming holiday is providing enough motivation to get more in shape, so meals have been planned with their nutritional values as a key factor, with cost coming a close second. Lunches tend to be whatever is leftover (sandwiches/toast for me, packed lunches for the boys, and Husband generally has soup or something at work). We do a baking session on Sundays, providing the children with treats for their lunchboxes (and if we make just enough for that, then it means I am not so tempted to pinch one). This week Ben made shortbread – I confess to sampling, and it was delicious!

Anyway, our meals this week are looking at little something like this (mostly courtesy of February’s BBC Good Food Magazine):

Monday: Steak fajitas (3 tortillas each, with salad – 405 calories)
Tuesday: Fish stew, with garlic toasts (meant to be 411 calories, but it will be a slightly adapted version, without white wine)
Wednesday: Chili con carne (using up the second half of the pack of steak strips)
Thursday: Roasted aubergine parmigiana (381 calories, not tried this one yet, but am looking forward to it)
Friday: Steak Salad
Saturday: Hot Punjabi king prawn curry (277 calories) possibly with naan bread, or brown rice
Sunday: Morrocan fish with cous cous (Feb Good Food, 403 calories)

So that’s it… if anything turns out especially amazing, I’ll let you have the recipe.. Bon appetit (and make sure you pop to Mrs M’s for more fabulous foodie inspiration!)

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