Meal Planning Madness – A week of healthy meals

pizza nightI have had another fabulous weekend, ending in the children cooking pizza for our family tea tonight (including making the dough). The arrival of my BBC Good Food magazine yesterday means I am rejigging the meal planning menu I had done in a fit of organisation last Sunday. There are some great recipes this month, although as it is the Easter issue, there are a lot of delicious baking and chocolate-related dishes, which don’t fit in with the current plan. I might sneak one in for the children anyway though.

I have decided that I would like to try out new cooking methods, as well as new recipes. I fancy giving smoking a try, so I am hoping to incorporate that somewhere along the line, but haven’t found a recipe I am comfortable with yet. If I do, one of the days will hopefully change. I’m actually quite excited about giving myself a bit of a challenge in the kitchen.

So, with that in mind, this week’s menu looks like this:

Monday: Chipotle bean chilli with baked eggs
Tuesday: : Pollack with spinach, new potatoes and mustard sauce (this might get smoked if I can)
Wednesday: Chicken noodle salad with lime-chilli dressing
Thursday: Moroccan chicken cous cous
Friday: Chopped tarragon, bacon and chicken salad
Saturday: Lasagne
Sunday: Josh’s Chorizo Paella

We have parents’ evening on Thursday, so I’ve deliberately put in an easy dish there, as we don’t know yet what time our appointment is.  For our regular Saturday dinner date night, Mr really fancies lasagne. We haven’t had it for ages, and we both love it. I have tricks for making it a bit more diet-friendly too. Other than that, there are mainly new dishes and we are sticking with our healthy-eating plan, and the results are definitely showing.

I am linking this up with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday round up, so if you need inspiration, or just want a nosy at what others plan to nibble, head on over there.
Meal Planning Monday

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Madness – A week of healthy meals

  1. Cor, smoking, you are brave! Let us know how it goes, I would never have thought have trying it myself, thought it was too difficult. I am really into Pollack at the moment, I think it is more flavoursome and sustainable. Is the chipotle bean chilli from GF? I think I recognise it!

    • Claire says:

      The chilli is indeed from GF. I have just finished it, and it was delicious! Having looked more into it, the smoking might wait until next week… I think a tea-smoked chicken dish might be an easier place to start. One day though, one day…

    • Claire says:

      Oh that cake is sooo pretty! Not on my menu at the moment though 🙁
      The bean chilli was a hit – highly recommend it. Tasty and filling 🙂

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