Meal Planning Monday – 18th February 2013

After a lovely weekend, made all the better having a delicious meal cooked for me on Saturday night, I’m not really ready to send the children back to school (our half term is just finishing) and go back to work. It’s been a lovely week off, with some delicious food, good fun and games, and a nice bit of relaxation. But to get back into a sort of work mode, I scoured the fridge, freezer and cupboards to come up with some tasty, healthy meals for the week ahead. Although I am not dieting, as a family we are making an effort to eat more healthily and get fitter (the children always eat healthily, so it’s just Mr and me really). We have also started eating dinner with the children once a week – usually we eat lunch together at weekends, but we have dinner after they have gone to bed, and we can relax a little, so this week’s meal planning includes something I know we can enjoy together on Sunday.

This is what we’ll be having:

Monday: Oriental chicken salad
Tuesday: Bacon and leek risotto
Wednesday: Bean and pepper chilli, with brown rice
Thursday: Breakfast frittata with smokey beans
Friday: Spanish chicken pie
Saturday: Lamb kofte tagine
Sunday: Baked fish and chips

This is a mix of old and new, and as I find it virtually impossible to stick to a recipe, there will be variations made to the originals. I am looking forward to the oriental chicken salad – I love Chinese flavours, and it’s not something I have made before. My other favourite from this week’s menu is the Spanish chicken pie. Again. I haven’t made it before, but it sounds delicious, and is still only 420 calories. If you fancy something comfort-foody, I can highly recommend the frittata. It makes you feel like you have had a full English but without the fat.

So that’s it for this week. Just looking at it now is making me hungry!

I am linking this up with At Home With Mrs M, so if you have a plan, why not link up too, or head over to see some fabulous inspiration.

Meal Planning Monday

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 18th February 2013

  1. Claire says:

    To be honest, Wendy, I am not quite sure. I have planned based on what i already have in to minimise shopping needs. I expect I’ll need to top up on veg, but that will be all.

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