My first attempt at “upcycling”…

We have had this chair for about 8 years. We got it when I was pregnant with Ben, to put in his room for nightfeeds. It was only a cheap-ish one from Ikea, but comfy and served a purpose. Since then it has been in our room, the playroom, and more recently (since the cat decided he preferred it to his scratching post) in the garage, where it has collected dust, unloved and unused, inhabited only by spiders and possibly the occasional woodlouse. On several occasions it has been destined for the tip, but it’s bulky size makes it difficult to add to an already overflowing car-load of stuff on it’s way to the final resting place. 

So, when we decided to knock down several walls in our house to make room for a bigger kitchen and convert the garage, I figured that with a bit of TLC it could make the perfect addition to our kitchen/dining room – and a great place to sit whilst sipping a glass of Pinot, while Lee cooks tea!

On Monday, off I trotted to the haberdashery stall in the market, and found some utterly scrummy fabric, that was the perfect pattern. They had it with a cream background, which I loved, but they didn’t have quite enough for what I needed, so I got the blue, which was almost as gorgeous. Then I had to figure out how to make the flat fabric into the right shape…

The back was easy – long strip of fabric, just curved around the back of the chair, but the front of the upright was tougher. I used the same layout as the previous cover and cut three roughly square shapes, then pinned then together, tapering at the bottom edge. In hindsight, as the fabric has no stretch, I might have been better doing four panels, but I don’t think the end result was too bad.

Once I had the panels pinned in the right place, it was just a case of sewing it all inside out then checking the fit. One of the seams needed sewing again as I hadn’t done it tight enough, but I figured it was better to err on the side of caution that do it too tight ad have to unpick it. The hardest bit about the upright was the ends of the arms, which aren’t perfect – I couldn’t get the corner quite right, so its a bit skewiff, but not horrendously bad, I don’t think.

The seat part was quite easy – just an arch shaped panel and a strip for around the edge. Again the corner of the cushion was the trickiest part. Finally I sewed the bottom edge panel to one of the sides of the upright, and then, as the cover wouldn’t go on with both sides of the bottom edge sewn, I had to hand sew the other side once it was on the chair.

It’s not perfect, but I like to think that adds to the rustic charm 😉 And not bad for something I knocked up last night when I was bored of yet more football… I wonder what else I can make before the end of the Euros.




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2 thoughts on “My first attempt at “upcycling”…

  1. Amanda says:

    I need to teach you crochet as a Granny square cushion would be just perfect for that chair, that was the fabric I was thinking for it too.

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