What a lovely SUMMER we have had. For the most part, my boys have been very good – naturally there have been days where I could happily have given them away to the highest bidder, but I think that is only natural when you have two boys, with similar interests and close together in age. They spend so much time together that they sometimes wind each other up the wrong way, which in turn aggravates me. But mostly they have been pretty lovely. The weather has helped, as they have been playing out A LOT  (and also a new book I am reading which is making me realise that people naturally expect things to be perfect, even though they usually aren’t).

Anyway, somehow it’s already the 1st of September. AUTUMN is just around the corner, and on Wednesday my children go back to school. I’ll miss them. I think it’s going to be very quiet here for a few days.

We are almost organised. Uniform is bought and ironed. This afternoon I will sew their labels in, and tomorrow they will pack up their schoolbags ready for an early start on Wednesday. If anyone has any tips on how to get my 7 year old out of bed before 8.30am, that would be very handy indeed!

lunchboxToday I realised that my eldest could really do with a new LUNCHBOX. He has sort of outgrown his old one, in terms of what fits in it, compared to the amount he can eat (he has hollow legs). Thankfully Asda came up trumps with a rather cool blue Sistema box, with lots of compartments (so now his melon chunks won’t get squished, giving him no excuse… mwah, hah, hah, hah) Which leads me to wonder what to put in the aforementioned new lunchbox… Pinterest is full of fabulous ideas of sandwiches cut into cute shapes, and cupcake cases with grapes in, but to be honest, at almost ten years old, these seem a little babyish for him. He tends to have a sandwich, fruit (usually melon), crackers with cheese, a yoghurt and a cake or biscuit. I like to give him a balanced meal, so try to avoid crisps, although usually he gets some at the end of the week, assuming he’s eaten all his fruit all week (he’a a bit of a fruit avoider!) What I struggle with is VARIETY. He eats the same lunch day in, day out, and I know I’d get bored.

So, what do you give your children for their packed lunches? How do you mix it up so they get a variety of different food, all of it NUTRITIOUS, TASTY and EXCITING? Do they eat it all or do you end up throwing half of it away when they get home, only for them to then moan “Muuuum, I’m huuungryyyy!”

Please let me know your top tips for back to school lunchtime success.


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One Reply to “New Term Lunch Ideas – help!”

  1. Lunches are still tricky! I do get bored of the same thing everyday but remember my brother wanted the same thing EVERY day!! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration sure you will find some great lunch ideas – Good luck for back to school!

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