No-one mention Summer

I am confused… Yesterday I read an article saying that the Olympic police are checking to make sure that no-one is infringing on the rights of their sponsors in their advertising. Beers that are not sponsors of the games are not allowed to be written on blackboards advertising events shown in pubs, fast food vendors at events are not allowed to sell chips, as this affects the rights MacDonalds as an official sponsor. And no-one is allowed to use words such as “gold”, “London”and even “summer”.

Now, okay, I get that it’s unfair for people to imply they are associated with The Games by using words like “sponsor”, and I get that brewers who have paid (likely not an insignificant sum) to sponsor London 2012 won’t want other beer companies riding their wave. But banning every day words? Really? Since when did the Olympic Committee have exclusive rights to “summer”. Surely that’s like me claiming that I have exclusive rights to the word “feet”.

I’m not even sure it’s enforceable. Does it not amount to restricting people’s freedom of speech? It’s like something out of 1984!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

(I would have put a picture up of the Olympic rings or an athlete, but didn’t want to get into trouble, so you will have to make do with an image free post.)

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