Pizza Roll-ups – Perfect Lunchtime Recipe

Sandwiches get boooorrring, don’t they? I mean, bread is great, and there are loads of different kinds, but still… Soups and salads are nice at the right time of year, but what about when the children just fancy something a bit different? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pizza Roll-ups. This lunchtime recipe is perfect for them to help make, fills them up and is different enough to make it interesting. It certainly went down well in our house!


2 willing helpers
4 slices bread
grates cheese
tomato puree
salami/ham/tuna/whatever takes your fancy


1. Give small boys a sharp knife each, and try not to interfere too much, knowing they can do this perfectly well without cutting off various limbs.
2. Watch while they hack the crusts off the edge of the bread, and try to resist doing it properly yourself.
rollups3. Give them a rolling pin and let them roll the bread flat.
4. Give the boys a butter knife each and let them put waaaayyy too much tomato puree on the bread, then smear it around the kitchen.
5. Get them to cut up the salami and sprinkle arrange it artfully on the tomato puree.
6. Pass the grater, and help them grate the cheese when they get stuck and start pulling lumps off it.
7. Fetch the contents of the first aid box to bandage up your knuckles after small boy has grated them on your behalf.
8. Pull the blood soaked cheese from the pile, and sprinkle the rest over the bread.

Cocktail sticks9. Roll the bread and filling into sausage shapes, and stab them repeatedly with use cocktail sticks to hold the together.
10. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for about 10mins until lightly toasted.
11. Remove cocktail sticks and serve with salad/baked beans/whatever they like.

Thinking forward to next time, perhaps a little egg wash brushed on would help them turn a little more golden. I am assured that they were super tasty though, which is good enough for me.

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