Super Hero Roller Skating

RollerManAfter almost 15 years with my husband, you’d think I would have nothing new to learn about him… Oh how wrong I was! It turns out that he is Mr Clairey, wonderful but slightly geeky software developer, by day… but give him a bank holiday weekend and he turns into RollerMan: solving mysteries, saving children from runaway toddlers and rescuing fair maidens, while simultaneously performing some pretty impressive turns on four wheels!

RollerSkates1Today we took the children to the local roller skating disco. I’d taken them during the Easter holidays and they loved it, so we decided on a repeat visit this afternoon so Mr could join us. I wasn’t expecting him to really want to join in with the skating (I didn’t think his knees would be up to it, if I am honest) but once he donned those retro skates (the ones you put on over your shoes, circa 1960, I think) there was no stopping him! He glided around the floor like a swan across a lake, channelling Christopher Dean, without the ice.

With the announcement of the cast of the new Star Wars, perhaps there should be a new long distance skating champ planet in the galaxy far far away, where all the beings have wheels in place of feet, and then Mr could have a starring roll, and show off his talents to the universe. The littlies would have to get in on the roller skating act too, naturally, as it transpires that B is the speed demon on skates (believe me, I was trying to keep up) and J is the long distance champion (he did 100 laps without falling over, or so he claims – I lost count). I am neither fast, or show the same finesse as my more acomplished family, but I did make the most of the time roller skating by thoroughly enjoying myself regardless.

All in all, we had a great time, and all three of my boys are super heroes as far as I am concerned.

This is my 4th post for BEDM – so far so good! I hope you are enjoying it so far. Apologies for the quality of photos in this one. Low lighting, roller skates and phone camera are not conducive to the best images! 


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One thought on “Super Hero Roller Skating

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog – I remember them when I was younger & desperate to go back! But can’t find any near me, I went to one in Derby few years ago it was just as much fun as I remember in fact probably more! Your hubby sounds like a secret skater lol I know Mr B would be like bambi on ice, maybe I’m just being hard on him maybe he would also be a demon on wheels? Look forward to more #BEDM posts!
    Bee Happy and Healthy

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