It’s been a busy week this week. I spent the weekend decorating Eldest’s bedroom, watched Youngest’s football match and ironing. Work has been pretty busy too, as usual before half term, and I feel a bit like I have rushed from one thing to the next, just trying to remember all the things I still have to do (overload myself? me? Nah.. err…)

So with such a hectic time, what have I to be thankful for?


Oh boy, on Monday I ached! Sitting in the car, driving between patients, my back was so sore. But it gave me a great feeling of accomplishment as I knew I had worked hard to make Eldest’s bedroom look lovely by redecorating  it from top to bottom. It looks much brighter and more grown up – and, most importantly, he loves it!


2011.05.13 TootsiesI am grateful for people who choose me to look after their feet. From corns to calluses, ingrown toenails to verrucae, I have treated all kinds of foot health complaints, and as busy as I am, I love the fact that I have a successful business and people come to me, and trust me to attend to them. I am also grateful that after a busy few weeks, I am now able to take half term off to spend with my children – self employment has some drawbacks, but also the biggest perks.

School Money

I am starting to lose count of the letters Eldest has brought home from school requesting money for his cornet lessons, music cinema trip, school fund donation, Germany field trip! But I am so glad he’s having all these fabulous opportunities to widen his horizons and expand his knowledge through a variety of experiences. Some things, money can’t buy.

Windy Days

It’s been blowing a gale for the past couple of days, and apart from the garden looking something of a mess, it’s giving us a lot of windfall apples. I have been meaning to pick them for  couple of weeks now, and the windfalls have purred me into action. This afternoon I intend to fill the house with the delicious aroma of apple crumble – Eldest will love tucking into a bowl of that with custard after his tea tonight, and there will no doubt be enough to make a spare crumble for my mum too.


In all this nasty weather it’s easy to hole yourself up, keeping cosy (and that’s great too!) but when you have  dog you have to get outside. Being billowed around the village might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s always great once you get out there and feel the chill on your cheeks and the fresh air filling your lungs. Dogs have so much love to give, and we can learn so much from them – they don’t judge, they forgive you when you act out of turn, and they are always there with a loving chin on your lap, looking up at you with nothing but affection. Where would we be without a dog?

What are you thankful for this week?


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