It’s been half term this week, and we were all ready for a break! Naturally this week I am grateful for lie-ins, children who bring me cups of tea, and having chance to chat to my boys over breakfast. Some of the other things I count myself lucky to have experienced are…



Eldest desperately needed a haircut this week, as he was starting to look somewhat like a mop. He’s never enjoyed visiting he hairdresser, rather endured the experience as if he’s just been told that he’s been signed up for National Service! Thankfully the hairdresser we use does her utmost to put him at ease and, regardless of his stony silence throughout the proceedings, gives him a fantastic haircut.


gloucester servicesService Stations

More specifically the Tebay and Gloucester service stations on the M6 and M5 respectively. They provide welcome relief on an otherwise loooooong and boring journey from our home to Bristol, where we visited relatives last weekend. If only all service stations were based around farm shops, meaning we were able to grab a tasty lunch of pies, scotch eggs and cakes, as well as some tasty local cheese to take to our hosts.


Insurance Companies

The downside of the aforementioned journey was the on the way to Bristol, having only set off an hour earlier, we returned to the car (which we’ve had for three whole weeks) to find that the car who had parked next to us had managed to scrape the bumper. The damage isn’t horrendous, but enough to be annoying, and made all the more so by the fact that the owner of the other car hasn’t replied to our polite note to give us his insurance details. Still, it’s only a car at the end of the day, and the insurance company is dealing with it.



Before our roadtrip, Mr and I enjoyed a very nice evening out, with our children being taken care of by my parents. We were able to have a wonderful dinner, and then sample the delights offered by Moo Bar in Penrith and enjoy a lovely chat with the staff, safe in the knowledge that the boys were happy and cared for by doting grandparents. So, thanks, Mum and Dad.



librariesAren’t libraries a wonderful thing? What other establishment lets you borrow their stock, take it home for three weeks, then return it when you have used it, all without it costing a penny? Libraries are diminishing in number, but thankfully (particularly given the speed with which my boys read) our local library is still open and very well stocked. This week we have borrowed a variety of fiction books, including the fabulous Future Ratboy and the Attack of the Killer Robot Grannies, (which is laugh out loud funny, according to Youngest) as well as some non-fiction books to help with homework assignments. I wonder if House of Fraser would let me borrow a dress for a few weeks… maybe not. Three cheers for libraries, I say!


What are you thankful for this week?


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