I am planning to redecorate Youngest’s room this weekend, so today I have been preparing so that I can enjoy a relaxing day tomorrow and get started in earnest on Saturday morning. Along the way I have uncovered a whole host of mess in his room. He is the least organised boy, and would rather spend a very stressful (for everyone)half hour searching for missing shin pads/books/clothes than put his things away in the first place. In part this is down to a lack of storage in his room, but mostly it’s just the fact that he’s 9. I am hoping he’ll grow put of it, but not holding my breath!

That brings me on to my first thankful thought this week…


The reason Youngest’s room is so messy and he hasn’t got enough room, is because he has so much stuff. I’m not talking about toys (although books are squeezed into every avalable inch of shelf space) but he hoards trinkets and mementos like a magpie hoarding shiny things! I love the fact that he cares so much about places he’s been and things he’s done, with the people he loves, and wants to keep a physical reminder of those times. He cares deeply about his family, friends and pets, and holds on to mementos that remind him of all the good times he’s had. When I see past the mess, all I see is a little boy who is so lucky to be surrounded by love, and how can anyone not be grateful for that?


musicWhere would we be without music? I tend to have the telly on in the background at home, even when I am pottering from room to room, but increasingly I am listening to music. My boys both love music, and the first thing they do in the morning is put Radio 1 on (and in the car, they immediately change my preset Radio 2!) It’s a great mood booster and has the ability to change my mood. Different songs evoke different feelings and memories, and one of my favourite music memories is when I collected my new car last January to find that Mr had secretly given the garage a USB stick with music. I’d never had a car with a USB music slot before and the fact that he’d gone to the trouble almost made me sob (I’m such a softy!). When I’m feeling a bit down, I have a playlist of songs from when I was in labour that I listen to, which never fails to pick me right back up. Add into the equation that Eldest is starting to learn the cornet, and thoroughly enjoying it, and it’s pretty obvious that music is something to be grateful for. I’d love to know your uplifting songs…

Home Challenges

DIY, flat pack furniture, decorating… it’s been all go this week, but I love having challenges at home. I am the DIY-do-er in our house, and am happy to have a stab at something that needs fixing (Mr would go straight to the professionals). For me, the satisfaction of doing a job myself far outweighs the hassle of doing the work, and the sense of achievement when I succeed at something a little bit technical is always something to be thankful for (not to mention avoiding a hefty price tag from handymen).

Tech Timeout

tech timeoutMr is a techy WordPress geek (and a very good one at that) and, as such, it’s easy for me to while away the time perusing the World Wide Web while he works late into the evening. On the occasions that we escape the clutches of the laptops, either because we are having an evening out, or decide to have some time out at home, I find it so liberating and much more relaxing. I am rediscovering my love of reading, and looking for more crochet projects in an attempt to get away from the screens. I have even turned my data off on my phone so that I don’t constantly get app notifications while I am out and about – I find if my phone pings, I feel compelled to check it, whereas if it doesn’t, I forget about it. I know that any alerts I get are actually important, rather than general bumpf, so they get answered properly, and not lost in the humdrum. It’s great and I would urge you to try it out.

What has made you thankful this week? Please let me know





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