In keeping with my reasons to be cheerful attitude, I thought I’d share a few things that I am grateful for this week.

Dirty clothes

dirty washingI have piles of washing every day, because I am lucky enough to have two wonderful, active boys, who like nothing more than playing football or rugby, and being outdoors.

Modern conveniences

Specifically living in an age where we have electric irons, washing machines, hoovers… see above about dirty clothes!


Today is J’s 9th birthday. When I was pregnant with him, I had to have regular scans to check his growth (or lack thereof) and I was induced two weeks early. Thankfully J was fine, and has suffered no real consequences, but at this time of year I am always grateful to have him here and healthy.


autumnAs much as I love summer, I also love the changing of the seasons. The way the sun hangs lower in the sky, casting a golden glow on the leaves, and elongating shadows. The chill in the air makes me grateful for my warm coat, scarf and gloves!


The sounds of my children’s laughter makes my heart sing in a way that nothing else can. I am still grinning at the memory of the wonderful day of fun we had last weekend when we went out for J’s pre-birthday treat.

Having to run errands

Today is a catch up day – doing all the things I need to do to keep the house running smoothly. I am grateful for having enough money to buy good food for my family, for having a nice car to get me to the shops, for the fresh air I’ll enjoy while I am out and about and for having a library that I can borrow books from (especially for my boys!)


Without family, where would we be? Mine are amazing, and although I probably don’t tell them all enough, I love them to the moon and back.

What are you thankful for today?



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