Have you polished off the mince pies yet? Got room for another turkey sandwich? I’ll bet I can tempt you with a small festive tipple though? Make yourself comfy, and settle yourself down in the post-Christmas lull.

christmasDid you have a perfect Christmas Day? Did lunch go without a hitch? Or, like me, did you strategically carve the turkey to ensure the middle bit, which was still slightly pink after the allotted cooking time, could go back in the oven? Did you remember the napkins? Were the crackers suitably naff? My Christmas lunch was far from perfect, but it was a perfect day in terms of laughter, love, family and failures. Not everything was as I had wanted it, and for the first time in a long time, I had the most wonderful day. Far from being upset about things not going quite right, as I often am, I enjoyed joking about it (and only inwardly worrying ever so slightly that I was going to make everyone ill). I didn’t even remember that I had forgotten the crushed pistachios on our dessert until Boxing Day! I loved every minute, and have enjoyed every day since too – apparently feeling happy is blinking brilliant! I was so content, despite the mishaps, that I totally forgot to publish my #WonkyChristmas!

And now we have reached the lull between Christmas and New Year. You know, the one – You have lost track of the days, watched the Christmas films, and are wondering what to do with the few days left until you can unashamedly pack up the tree and retake control of your living room. Lego has been built, pieces lost, only to be discovered when you least expect it, and are walking barefoot to the kitchen to have another attempt to empty the cupboard of treats in preparation for the New Year Diet (pain only rivalled by standing on an upturned electrical plug).

But what do you do to fill your days?

talkin tarnThe weather is best left unmentioned, save for saying that my heart goes out to anyone and everyone affected by the devastating floods which have hit swathes of the country. We are hoping to have a day out this week, but as yet, we’re not sure where. I’d like to support Cumbria in being open for business, so hopefully we’ll find something fabulous to do in the Lake District. I also really want to try out a “locked room” game. Youngest is only 9, and mot of them state that they should be 10 to really get the game, but I think he’ll manage it. I’d love your opinions on such games if you’ve given one a go. We are thinking of Lost and Escape in Newcastle, as it’s close-ish to us, and looks pretty cool!

For the rest of the days, I like nothing better than relaxing, switching off, and just enjoying each other’s company. Weekends are usually a mad dash from one football game to the next, perhaps with a rugby match thrown in for good measure, and trying to squeeze in homework (which is rapidly becoming too difficult for Mr or me to be able to help!). It makes a change to be able to sit down – this afternoon even saw Mr curled up on the sofa reading a book (something he loves to do but usually only gets chance if we are away on holiday).

IMG_20151224_201702-COLLAGEFor me, this is the perfect lull – a soothing, calming, period of tranquility. Long may it last!


(In case you were wondering, I did get a unicorn – a beautiful homemade decoupage one, made by Mr).


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