The Purina One Challenge: Week 1

Recently, the opportunity was presented to me to try out and review a new cat food. We have two cats, Travis (getting on a bit, grumpy, previous health issues) and Leia (kitten, cute, no issues that we know of). As Leia is still on kitten food, this wasn’t suitable for her to take part in, but Travis was the ideal candidate.

He usually eats a mixture Whiskas (tins) and kitten food (Whiskas pouches and Hills Science Plan kibble) but spent a few years on a prescription diet due to have feline urinary tract syndrome (nasty crystals build up in bladder and block the exit, so to speak). That cleared up and we gradually put him back on mainstream cat food, but are always looking for something a bit better than the norm, and which he still likes.

So he jumped at the chance to try something tasty and nutritious. Now, like I said, he’s a bit of a grumpy old thing, and not very sociable, to say the least. But he’s ours and we love him, so naturally we want the best for him.

The trial packs came, and first impressions were good. Travis wolfed the first meal down, and to be honest, we had to keep Leia away to stop her scoffing it too! We’re only a week in,  so his tummy is still getting used to the change, but he seems happy with it so far, so we can’t ask more than that. I am paying attention to his energy levels (did I mention he was lazy?) as well as his overall demeanour and appearance, and I will keep you informed of my findings (feel like a super sleuth now).

Over and out.

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