The School Socialite

I have been reading a lot of very sad posts about playground politics lately, so I wanted to run a post about the flip side of the coin – the school socialite.

No, not me! Don’t be ridiculous.

SnugBoy#1 is in Year 2, which seems to be where it is all happening now. His social life is far more hectic than mine – I am surpised he hasn’t asked for a Blackberry to keep it all organised yet. Since he went back after Christmas, he has Mental Maths Club on Mondays, swimming on Tuesdays and Beavers on Fridays. And as of this week, he has football on Wednesdays too. Which leaves Thursdays as the only free night. But of course that’s not including the birthday parties he seems to bet invited to every other week!

Don’t get me wrong. This is in no way a blog post of complaint. I love that he is so active and has so much to occupy him. And he enjoys everything he does. There isn’t even a “but”. Yes, I am starting to think I should have one of those stickers that says “Mum’s Taxis”, or maybe I should just start camping at school to save going back and forth four times a day . He has so many friends, and because it’s such a close school, he plays with SnugBoy#2 at playtimes, so he is getting the benefit too, and at an even younger age.

Sure, many of the mums barely give me a plassing glance (although some of them can be quite chatty), but school is for the kids, right? He is there to learn and to make friends and have a good time. It really doesn’t matter if I am not bosom buddies with the other mums, and none of them are actually unpleasant anyway. So, whilst it might be nice if I had the kind of friendship where I spent Friday night’s out with the school mums, I am not sad that I don’t, as long as SnugBoy#1 gets what he needs from school – friendship, fun and education.

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