Pro Chef’s Knives – Top 5 for 2013

As you may have gathered, I am something of a keen (though strictly amateur) cook, and I totally love my kitchen gadgets (my Panasonic bread maker and my Stoves ranger cooker are my new best friends). One thing sadly lacking in my kitchen is a good set of knives. I love my set, but at ten years old, and two knives now missing, it’s looking a little sorry for itself. It was a wedding present from a family member now no longer with us, so I have a strange emotional attachment to it, and can’t bring myself to buy a replacement set though. That said, when I was sent some research about the top pro chef’s knives for 2013, from Chef’s Knives Online, about the top chef’s knives out this year,  I did get a little shiver just looking at the options – I knew there was a good variety, but wow! Have a look at this lot…

Scanpan Spectrum Santoku: A sharp contender

Well rounded, solid and comfortable to grip, these knives are the epitome of affordable quality. Made of carbon and a non stick coating, they weigh next to nothing. This one is as dexterous as it is beautiful; you’ll glide through the food with ease.

In a Clas of its own: Clas Holson

Boasting a blade made from leading-edge alloy, this one is 300 times more resistant to corrosion. Its sleek and contemporary design, combined with a flawlessly balanced ergonomic handle is the very reason home chefs and pro cooks are queuing up for it.

Saji’s Tantoku – Japanese excellence

Now a worldwide brand, Saji chef knives hail from fairly humble beginnings. Cooking pioneer Takeshi started out as a knife maker at the young age of 14, before going on to become one of the most renowned bladesmiths of his time. The Tantoku knife doesn’t come cheap though – you can pick it up for around £499.

The Kasumi

The Kasumi range has been designed with Samuri in mind – folding 32 layers of the highest quality carbon steel. Strong, durable and ultra sharp, this knife is also extremely flexible. A wooden handle really adds the finishing touches of class to this knife – and it’s quite affordable for the level of quality. The full range of Kasumi knives is now available at leading cooking equipment retailer Chef’s Knives Online.

Tojiro Senekou: The cutting-edge of knives

The knife of choice for none other than Heston Blumenthal (and who doesn’t love Heston!). The blade is actually made from no less than 62 separate layers of quality steel that have been folded around a solid core. It’s both sturdy and razor-sharp, and now available at top retailers.

Now…which to choose…!

I wasn’t paid any money or sent any items in exchange for this post. It just struck me as interesting and informative, and I wanted to share the research with you.

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