It is New Year’s Eve, and I have been reminiscing over the past year. It hasn’t been a spectacular year, and there isn’t one event that particularly stands out, but it certainly hasn’t been a bad year either. Anyway, for better or worse, I have decided to share some of the strongest memories with you. Enjoy…


The month when Josh started nursery for the second time (he’d been to a private nursery before, but we took him out because he hated it). He looked so grown up in his uniform, and so little at the same time, I couldn’t not have shown you this photograph.


I whisked Husband away for a romantic weekend in York, for no good reason. It was lovely… cold, but lovely. We had a weekend of doing couple-y things and just enjoying being together without the humdrum of daily life getting in the way.

We also had a fabulous day at Chester Zoo with my gorgeous friend Sam Thewlis and her husband and children. Despite the grumpy face Josh has on, they all had a great time, and it was lovely to see Sam again.


My cousin got married in a swanky affair at Windermere, which was lovely (well, all weddings are, right?), and offered a chance to get dressed up in our finery. Love this photo of the boys with their cousins doing what children to best at weddings – having fun.


We paid a visit to the In Laws’, and were blessed with good weather, so we took a jaunt out to places from Husband’s youth – West Kirkby beach, Hilbre Island and Thor’s Rock. The boys loved seeing places Husband had been when he was little, and thoroughly enjoyed clambering all over Thor’s Rock. A good couple of days 🙂


May marked our annual holiday for our family, and we had booked a week in Filey. It was lovely – quite possibly the best week of the year. The weather was hit and miss, but we were lucky to see puffins and other seabirds, and had a lovely time at the seaside. The boys loved it, and so did Husband and I.


We enjoy days out as a family, and chose a sunny day to visit High Head Sculpture Valley, near Carlisle. It’s basically a big garden, with sculptures and nice walks leading from it. We had a great day, although Josh threw a little strop (can’t remember why now) and I caught a photo of his grumpy face, which could basically be used to sum him up.

Fortunately, I also captured him a few minutes later, when all traces of tantrum were forgotten.


The highlight from July was watching both boys compete in their first Sports Day at school (Ben missed his last year because he was poorly with chicken pox). Ben was thrilled to bits when his team won (although active and energetic, sport is not his forte), and he was so proud to hold the cup.


It’s our wedding anniversary in August, and Husband treated me to a couple of days in Chester, ending with a slightly scary adventure around Go Ape. I absolutely loved it! Looking forward to doing it again one day in the not too distant future.


Ooh this was a very mixed month. First up was the wedding of one of my best friends, at which Ben and Josh were both page boys (and I was bridesmaid). They were a bit nervous beforehand, but did me proud – and looked gorgeous to boot!

Second thing wasn’t so good – Husband had a knee operation, which was very painful, but he was a brave little soldier, and didn’t complain (much). I spent the day in Lancaster, worrying about him more than I realised (I only realised how worried I’d been when the nurse rang to tell me he was ok). I was lucky enough to meet a good friend who kept me company and occupied until Husband came round properly. I am grateful to Stewy for looking after me, and even more grateful for the friendship which was yet to bloom.


October marks Josh’s birthday, and children’s birthdays are always memorable. This photo was taken first thing in the morning, when he came downstairs to his presents. I just love their expressions…


By November we’d decided we were going to take more walks and days out in the Lake District, and one place I’d wanted to go for ages was Scout Scar near Kendal. It was a bit of an emotional day for me – the reason I wanted to go was because it was a favourite place of my uncle who died almost three years ago. I was pleased to see it, and see what it was he liked so much, but also sad because of the memories of him it evoked. I know I am a sap, but I still miss him.


Another mixed month. Ben’s birthday, the impending arrival of Christmas, school plays are all the good things. Unfortunately the one that sticks mostly in my mind was the Saturday morning when Husband was taking Ben on a trip to see Father Christmas with his Beavers colony, when a car came round the corner on the wrong side of the road, having drifted on the ice, and crashed into them, nearly knocking them down an embankment. They were so lucky, and I have pretty much not stopped thanking my lucky stars that none of then were injured – it could have been so much worse. We had a night out planned that night, and since the children still wanted to have a stayover at Grandma and Grandad’s, we still went, and had a thoroughly lovely time. The next day we drove out to Keswick with aforementioned Stewy and had fun at a very frozen Derwentwater, where he took some amazing photographs of the boys. Great for taking my mind of my little stresses.

Thanks to all those who have helped me or touched my life this year – my husband and children continue to be the best things to ever happen to me. I am lucky to have some amazingly close friends, who I love very much – you all know who you are. This year may not have been the most eventful, but it’s certainly been a good one for a bit of personal growth. I wonder what next year will hold…

Happy New Year x

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