What’s In Your Make Up Bag?

I am a bit of a make up junkie. I totally love it, and am a sucker for marketing ploys that promise glowing skin, longer lashes, kissable lips. In all honestly, I probably have way too many cosmetics, having had some of it for years (I know, it needs replacing)… I still have the lipstick I wore on our wedding day (though I don’t actually wear it). My hoarding is partly due to having eye shadows that are that perfect colour, and what if I can’t find another the same; and partly due to my thrifty side saying “but it’s still half full… surely it can’t really matter that it’s three years old?!” I actually have a spare make up bag with stuff that is hardly ever used.

I am not really loyal to any particular brand, although I do love Bourjois. I have a varied mix of lipstick and eyeshadow colours, usually from having bought one I needed for an event, and then not bringing myself to get rid of it, or from getting something as a gift with a magazine. But I think now is the time. I need to chuck stuff out that isn’t used, or is too old, and reduce the products I have – going for quality over quantity, and a more minimalist make up selection! And to help me, I am going to confess the mountain of products that I have now. Okay, deep breath…

In my make up bag there is:

17 Photo Flawless Primer
Loreal Revitalift BB cream (used most days)
Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation (fabulous for days when I need a bit of brightening up!)
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (almost empty)
Maybelline Fit Me! foundation (tester – free with magazine)
Maybelline Dream lumitouch concealer (summer shade)
Maybelline concealer
Boujois healthy mix concealer (winter shade)
e.l.f mineral concealer powder

make up brushesRimmel Wake Me Up Shimmer touch
e.l.f Shimering Facial Whip (which I love!)
MUA powder blusher
No 7 cheek tint (pot broken)

Rimmel Volume Flash mascara – black
Bourjois Liner Effect mascara – black
Benefit BAD gal Lash mascara – black
Collection 2000 waterproof liquid liner
e.l.f shimmering eyeliner pencil x 2 – black and brown
Body Shop eye definer x 2 – navy and black (free in magazine)

Maybelline Colour Sensational lip liner pencil – intense pink
No 7 Moisture Drench lipstick – plum beautiful

Bourjois Smokey eye shadow x 2 – grey and brown
Natural Collection eye shadow – mink/sable
No 7 eye shadow x 2  – truffle and khaki
MUA eye shadow – pearl (strangely this is green!)
e.l.f eyelid primer – pearl

Brushes x 6  – blusher, powder, eye shadow, concealer, lip, kabuki
eyelash curler

There, that’s it. Writing it down, it seems ridiculous, but I still can’t work out what to keep and what to get rid of! I need a make up makeover!

The problem is, on different days I use different things – my staples are BB cream, concealer, eyeliner and blusher (and the e.l.f facial whip for a bit of a glow), but depending on where I am going or what I am doing, I will use my more natural eye shadow for daytime, and a smokey one for evening, with a slick of mascara too. I don’t often use brushes (apart from blusher), although have been wondering lately if I should… do you?

Tell me, dear readers, what’s in your make up bag, and what one product could you not manage without?

And if there are any cosmetics companies reading this, who would be happy for me to review items, I’d be very happy to!

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2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Make Up Bag?

  1. @MelJD46 says:

    Afraid its just my trusty tube of Nivea for me, and sunscreen when we have sunshine. Never was comfortable wearing make up… always wiped it off on a hand without thinking..used to wear it for dates but as I don’t have those these days…:-D. I have a pot of bronzing perles, a blusher somewhere and some grey eyeshadow oh and a tube of mascara, it will be Avon or Superdrug and out of date.
    Not even sure why I still keep it or where it is.
    Always remember thinking my Mum was another person when she had her make up on when I was a child & Mum never trowelled it on but she did look different.

  2. Amanda says:

    My make bag was far worse than that, but after last eye infection I threw loads out not it’s very basic. I’m trying to swap over things I use for cruelty free versions and multitasking items, not easy while trying to stay on a budget. It’s my nail varnishes to throw next loads are strange colours or seperated uck. I can recommend all Benefit products and I quite like the new Superdrugs own BBeautiful range, but I’m still on the look out for the perfect mascara.

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