Feeling the Bullet Journal Love

The Bullet Journal…I could be totally late to this particular party, but I prefer to think of myself as the VIP guest who arrives fashionably¬†late, yet sidles quietly in the back door so as not to draw too much attention. Whatever the arrival method, I haven’t been so excited by an organisational stationery-based concept since […]

2016 Bucket List – Hopes and Dreams

So, January, we meet again. Almost into February now, and I am now reminiscing about Christmas past, and thinking of the year ahead. What delights lie in wait? What trials will be sent to test us? What are our hopes and dreams for 2016? Last year had it’s fair share of difficulties, and it would […]

Upcycled Placemats Tutorial

It’s been a while since I did anything useful and crafty – mostly it’s just been for pleasure, or as silly gifts. All lovely, but nothing especially noteworthy. But while dreaming of new placemats to adorn my table for Christmas dinner, and feeling sentimental about the thought of throwing away my rather tired-looking 13 year […]

The One With The Post-Christmas Lull

Have you polished off the mince pies yet? Got room for another turkey sandwich? I’ll bet I can tempt you with a small festive tipple though? Make yourself comfy, and settle yourself down in the post-Christmas lull. Did you have a perfect Christmas Day? Did lunch go without a hitch? Or, like me, did you […]

Staying Safe (and keeping children safe)

Hearing a discussion on television today, focused around schoolgirls’ attire, and whether it’s safer (or perhaps I should say, less encouraging of unwanted attention) for girls to wear thick tights with their skirts. Whilst I do agree that a lot of schoolgirls wear their skirts something on the short side (I did, and not much […]