I thought it was about time I updated this post with my successes so far… I am quite pleased with the number of things I am ticking off my little list.

I got the best diary in the world for Christmas. It’s The Bright Side “Becoming Ruler Of The Universe” diary, and it’s motivating me to take control and have The Best Year. I’ve written off the slight mishap that was last year and put it down to experience, and am planning to not just be on the up in 2014, but to try to make the best of every single day.

Last week I wrote my 2014 business plan, and it struck me today that it would be cool to have a personal 2014 plan. I’m calling it…

Becoming Awesome

So now I guess I need to think of all the things I want to do and want to be in the coming year. I figured it might be easiest to break it up into categories, and I reserve the right to add to it or amend it as the year goes on. This is about happiness for all of my family.


  1. Achieve a healthy weight, and maintain it – Heading in the right direction
  2. Learn a language – Learnt “holiday Italian” to a reasonable degree for our Venetian adventure. Really want to extend that though
  3. Keep photos organised in folders – errrrr
  4. Start a proper savings system or pension
  5. Sell things on Ebay instead of hoarding – I am trying, but finding most of it goes to charity instead… winner all round


  1. Make a time capsule with the children
  2. Go to Go Ape (or similar tree top adventure) – tick. We went for Father’s Day and had a marvellous time
  3. Climb mountains – done a couple this year, but not as many as we’d have liked. There is still time for more before the weather gets too chilly though.
  4. Write letters to the children, for them to read at the end of the year
  5. Have regular dates with Mr – definitely not done enough of this
  6. Learn to relax and let go of the things that don’t matter – stop sweating the small stuff – safe to say a work in progress


  1. Redecorate the bathroom – yup, see my post about my Budget Bathroom Makeover
  2. Replace the fire
  3. New front door


  1. Have a family holiday – Italy booked for May – a marvellous time had by all at Ca’Savio, Italy!
  2. Go to friends’ wedding in Majorca  – Mr and I did, and it was a great, if somewhat rushed, weekend
  3. Have a weekend away with Mr – see above
  4. Take the children away somewhere of their choosing – Legoland was fabulous last year
  5. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe (long shot that one, but it would be fabulous)

Food and Frivolities

  1. Cook one new recipe each month
  2. Find willing recipients of my baking exploits – I’d love to set up a cake club or something, but I have no idea how
  3. Learn to make sushi – I’ve done this, and it was really tasty, and far easier than I imagined
  4. Teach Bonnie a new trick each month – I’m working on it, and am encouraging the children to be more involved with her too, which is great
  5. Have a massage/spa treatment – My mum took me to Center Parcs spa for my birthday. It was divine, and I must indulge more often! I’m going to investigate our local college training sessions.

So there you have it. Basically my 2014 is about happiness – mine and that of my family. I have reached the “Life’s too short…” stage, and whilst I had intended this to be a 20/30/50 things to do in 2014 type list, I figured that, actually, the number didn’t matter. If I manage to tick these off (some are quick and some will take considerably longer!) then I can always add more as the mood takes me. But this seems like a reasonable start to me.

If you have something similar in your plans for the next twelve months, I’d love to hear them.


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