meTea drinking, biscuit eating, mum of two (plus two cats, several fish, shrimps and a water snail, and my faithful poodle, Bonnie) and wife to my gorgeous geek.

I couldn’t live without my family, Tetleys, cheese and wine, obviously. I also love good food, good friends, good books and learning new things – I love a good project, and am thinking up new ones all the time. I’m trying to think up a new challenge for a bit of focus, and will let you know as soon as I have thought of a new one. I enjoy cooking, I bake a lot and try to make healthy, nutritious dinners for my family. I love the chance to have a dinner party, even if it’s just for my long-suffering husband and me to share on a Saturday night. I try to cook new things as often as I can, and especially like the recipes of Jamie Oliver and James Martin – good food, cooked well is amazing, but I like a bit of fancy stuff now and then too.

I have a bad (or good) Twitter habit, and have met some lovely people through it, many of which will no doubt pop up throughout this blog. So why am I jotting my random witterings down? Well, basically, because I can. I don’t expect it to be riveting, though hopefully some might be vaguely interesting, funny or sentimental (I am a softy). I mostly just want somewhere to record my memories – and this is it.

 I  welcome contact from PR about anything that is relevant to the content I produce, and I am happy to offer my review services to brands that fit with my ethics and lifestyle, so if anyone out there wants something reviewing, please contact me.

So, sit back with a cup of tea, and maybe even a chocolate digestive…and if there is anything you enjoy, or not, let me know.



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