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Last week I told you that I was going to revamp our family bathroom. It is the only room in our house never to have been decorated, and was looking decidedly shabby (you’ll note the lack of “chic” there). It had white walls, with a lovely, but slightly aged, roman blind, and just wasn’t really “us”.


This bathroom is mainly used for the children, and guests, so I did want a fresh new look for it, but didn’t have the budget to give it a complete overhaul. Nevertheless, I pride myself on being what some may call tight, but I prefer to think of as frugal.

after3I had in my head that I wanted blue – I always think blue is a lovely relaxing colour for a bathroom, and as luck would have it, B and Q had the perfect colour – and it was reduced!

Rather than buy a new cabinet, I decided to save money and repaint our existing cupboard. I spotted a gorgeous painted ceramic doorknob in Homebase which perfectly matched the colour scheme.

Naturally I wanted a new mirror, and it needed to be big enough that the children could see their handsome faces to brush their teeth and comb their hair. I had spied a vintage-looking one on Amazon for £30, but happened to find one virtually identical in B&M Homestore for half the price. I was on a roll!

after5The blind had to go. If money was no object, I would have loved to have white wooden shutters, but as it was the wooden Venetian blind from Dunelm Mill proved to be a perfectly decent substitute. I even managed to cut it down and fit it myself.

My carpentry skills were put to the test again when it came to the bath panel. Our old plastic bath panel had been cracked from the years of leaning over it to bath the children when they were babies, and subsequently by the children insisting on sitting on the edge of the bath. In the interests of durability we opted for a tongue and groove wooden panel, but obviously this needed cutting to fit around the skirting boards and boxed in pipes. Amazingly this took me less than an hour, including getting the workbench out of the shed to lean on whilst I was cutting the wood with the electric jigsaw. I even kept all of my fingers attached to my hands!

after2The other major part of the bathroom makeover was the new light – again wired in all by myself (can you tell I am proud of this?). All in all, I am chuffed to bits with our new-look bathroom, and even more so when I added up the total money spent to go from grubby and dated to boutique chic.

Bathroom Makeover Costs



Paint £15
Blind £26
Mirror £15
Shelf £9
Doorknob £3.49
Bath Panel £25
Light fitting £25
Towels £12
Bathmat £8
Towel rail & toilet roll holder £9
Bowl and flowers £6
Total £153.49


So, I stuck to my vow to create a beautiful bathroom for under £200! I know it might not be considered to be exactly cheap as chips, but I think I did pretty well and am more than happy with the result. I love the details, like the bowl of flowers, and the hooks on the shelf (perfect for hanging towels on while you shower, or hanging the facecloth to dry).after1 And although a new light hadn’t been on the list to start with, it became apparent after I’d painted it, that it really did need a new fitting to do the rest of the room justice (I must admit, the light should have been £35, but I had a £10 voucher which I used towards it to reduce the cost a little). I think my favourite thing is the mirror. To get such a large mirror for under £15 (I rounded up) was a bargain, and now the children are able to see themselves – and have no excuse for leaving their hair sticking up in the morning.

Now, where’s that bubble bath…



I am thrilled to say that this post has been shortlisted for Bathrooms.com Home Design Blogger Awards 2014 in the Best Bathrooms Revamp Blogpost category. I would love it if you could take the time to vote for me – there are some amazing makeovers in the shortlist, and I would be over the moon if I was lucky tnough to win. Voting is only open until 18th April, so if you like my new bathroom, please take a moment to pop over and vote for me. Thank you.bathroomsdotcom-homedesignaward-shortlist2014-black-large

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2 thoughts on “Budget (ish) Bathroom Makeover

  1. You have been busy! I particularly love the mirror and towel holder… and well done for managing to stay under budget. You must be so proud of yourself! Mel

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