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My boys have been to Clip N Climb  indoor climbing centre, in Maryport, Cumbria, before, as part of a Cubs group trip, and had a great time. Mr and I stood on the sidelines and watched, with what can only be truly described as a hint of jealousy. I am quite an active kind of girl, and the thought of trying my hand at a bit of rock climbing, in the relative comfort of a leisure centre, rather than facing wind and rain in the great outdoors, made it all the more appealing.

clip n climbI booked online, which was very straightforward, and arranged to go for an afternoon session with my family, meaning a party of eight (four adults, and four children, aged from 5 to 57!). When we arrived, my mum decided she wanted to play too, and, thankfully, there was room in our session, which was great. Each session lasts an hour and a half, although the first half an hour is taken up by an introduction and safety briefing, and can accomodate up to 28 people.

stairway to heaven

Josh – Awesome! Stairway to heaven rocks!

Once we got our kit on, we were let loose on the climbing walls. There are a variety of different walls to haul yourself up – some easier ones and some that are more challenging. There is also a set of pillars, arranged in a circle and ascending in height, called the Stairway To Heaven, and for those of a more daring disposition, The Leap Of Faith. In case you are wondering, I am not that daring!

Ben – When can we go again?

Zigg Zagg

The hour we spent in the climbing arena was great fun – Ben and I raced up the speedwall (my best time was about 13 seconds, which I was pretty pleased with, even if my big brother was substantially faster!) and he tried to wobble me off the inflatable wall as he scaled the opposite side. Josh favoured the Big Cheese and the Stairway To Heaven – I was in awe of his courage as he just walked up the posts and leapt off the top! That was the hardest part for me – going up the walls was fine, but to get down you have to just let yourself fallbackwards and hold the safety rope. It’s a massive mental barrier I had,to just let myself fall – the children didn’t have any problems with it at all. The hour went really quickly, but by then end of it I could feel muscles that I didn’t know I had! We wound down with tea and cake in the cafe – the Victoria sponge was delicious and a lovely way to finish off a fabulous afternoon.

climbing wallAll in all, Clip n Climb is a fantastic way to spend half a day. It’s fun, active, competitive and a bit different. A great day out for all the family- highly recommended! There are three Clip n Climb centres in the UK, so if you have one near you, pay a visit and have some adventurous entertainment – it’s a great excuse to act like a kid again, and well worth considering during the Easter school holidays.



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