Crafty Crochet Creations

I’ve been getting creative and crafty this week. Less time spent in the kitchen, which has been a slightly suprising relief, and more spent with a crochet hook (whilst watching The Sound Of Music – don’t judge me!) has proved to be pleasantly relaxing. I borrowed a book, “Crocheted Keyrings and Charms” by Emma Varnam, from the library, and her instructions are so easy to follow that since Wednesday I have made four keyrings/bag charms – a football shirt each for my boys, a space rocket for Mr and a cute little wise owl for me, which is adorning my pretty Ness bag as we speak.

crochet space rocket keyring

I have also made myself a rather cool hat (well, I think it is) which matches the scarf I made a few months ago, before my crocheting hiatus.  I am hoping to find a pattern for a cat which is small enough to make into a bag charm for my mum, but am struggling so far – I may have to attempt to make it up as I go along, but I’m not sure I am up to that task just yet. Following patterns I can do, but making one is probably a little out of my league. If anyone has a pattern for one, please do let me know!

crocheted cloche hat

I am torn as to what else to attempt. I am quite tempted to try some customisation of clothes – I have a book which shows how to add edgings to tops and skirts, which I think could be a great way to liven up a boring outfit.

It’s been really good for me to rediscover another creative outlet – whilst I do love cooking, it is becoming a little tiresome and less fun for me at the moment, so having something else which I find relaxing is a breath of fresh air. I have also discovered some great new blogs on my search for patterns, so I want to say a quick thank you to and for giving me back some crafty inspiration – if you don’t follow their blogs already, and you are a creative type, I suggest you have a look. You won’t be disappointed.

beer tableThe other creations I’ve made this week have been Valentine’s pressies for Mr – he often moans that he can’t reach his beer from his position on the sofa, and his phone always slips off the arm, so I put my carpentry skills to use, and knocked together a “sofa arm beer table with integrated phone holder”. I think it went down well…



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2 thoughts on “Crafty Crochet Creations

  1. Cook, home-decoration on a budget, now craft… is there anything you cannot do? You could make pretty flowers to turn into brooches, hair clips or ornaments for fabric bags. I have seen them around and they look great! x Mel

    • Claire says:

      Oh Mel, thank you, but believe me, there is such a lot I would love to be able to do – riding a motorbike is quite high up there, along with speaking another language fluently, but we can all dream, right? What’s that old saying… Jack of all trades, but master of none…

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