Whilst browsing the card shops a few days ago, I spotted a very cute Easter chick card, which had a pull out tummy, in a sort of honeycomb effect. I almost bought it for one of my children, but realised that there wasn’t a correspondingly cute card, in a similar style, for my other son. Not to be outdone, I figured it couldn’t be too hard to make one… and as you know, I do like a crafty challenge!

After a quick google (other internet search engines are available) I soon found out how to make the honeycomb part, and thankfully I didn’t need any new supplies to get going. So with my paper, scissors, glue and laptop spread out in front of me, I put some music on and spent a happy hour immersed in crafty calm.

And this is the result…

Easter card tutorial

If you want to have a go at making your own, here’s what I did:

For my Easter card you’ll need…

Honeycomb card suppliesCard
Coloured paper, cut into squares slightly bigger than you want your finished honeycomb section to be (you’ll need about 15-20 squares)
Glue (PVA)
Needle and thread

  1. Draw a circle on a piece of , and measure 5 vertical equidistant lines, with the 3rd line passing through the centre. Label these lines  A, B A, B, A (or 1, 2, 1, 2, 1).
  2. Cut out another circle of card the same size, and put aside for later.
  3. honeycomb card tutorialTake your paper, and place it on top of the circle, marking the corners so you know where each sheet should be positioned, ensuring that you can still see the lines (and labels) projecting above the top edge of the paper.
  4. Place a line of glue along each A line, on the paper, and stick your next sheet of paper on top.
  5. Next place a line of glue along the B lines, and place a 3rd sheet of paper on top.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your paper is used up.
  7. Glue the entire surface of the card circle and stick to the paper stack. Leave to dry.
  8. Cut across the circle, perpendicular to the glue lines, and the cut the papers to match the semicircular edges.
  9. Turn the semicircles over, so you have the paper side facing you, and put them on top of your original template (remember to position the cut horizontally).
  10. Put glue down the B lines of the top half of the circle, and flip the bottom half up to stick it on, leaving you with one semicircle.
  11. Using the needle and thread, pierce the corner of the semicircle, and make a loop (leave it loose to that your honeycomb has enough room to open out) and knot. Repeat at the other corner.
  12. Leave to dry thoroughly and then stick to your chosen card. I printed out some cute Easter pictures – a chick and a bunny – and used one honeycomb for a pull out tummy, and one, which I trimmed into more of an semi-oval, as an egg. Make sure to continue any design onto the visible side of your honeycomb when it is closed.


Ta-dah!Chick honeycomb card
honeycomb cards

What do you think? I found making the honeycombs really quite therapeutic and I quite fancy making some with the children to use as general decorations. They can be made bigger, with more sheets of paper, to form full balls and you can change the shape to make hearts on cards for Valentine’s day and so on – just use a bit of imagination and the results are endless!

What Easter crafts are you doing? I am planning on making a couple of Easter eggs which I will fill with a little surprise, and maybe some baking too, if I get the chance – any excuse! Drop me a link in the comments so I can have a sneaky peek, and feel free to share my instructions for the cards if you like them 🙂



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