Easy Wine Glass Charm Tutorial

I am having a crafty phase at the moment, and having done a few crochet projects, I thought I’d try my hand at some little jewellery items and trinkets. As my in-laws were visiting, and I knew that a glass of wine, or two, was likely to be consumed, I decided to attempt some wine glass charms – those cute little dangly, sparkly, generally pretty little ornaments that adorn the stem of your wine glass, so you know which is yours if you have to put it down for a while. I was so pleased with the results, that I decided to put together a super easy wine glass charm tutorial in case anyone else wanted to have a go.

finished wine glass charmsI made a set of four charms, and it took me about half an hour in total, so it’s a fabulously easy project to do in the evening, while watching Coronation Street/Tweeting/checking Facebook/perusing Pinterest or however you choose to spend your evening. And at the end of it, you have a pretty little set of embellishments made by your own fair hands. I got so caught up in it, I made another set the next evening too, so I can pick and choose which to use.

To make a wine glass charm, you’ll need:

wine glass charm

Jewellery/craft wire – I used 1.5mm diameter, silver wire
Selection of beads/charms
Round nose pliers and wire cutter
Something to mould the wire around (I used a cotton reel)

How To Make a Wine Glass Charm

wine glass charm tutorial 11. Measure how big you want the ring around your wine glass to be, and cute the wire to the correct length. To fit nicely around the stem of my wine glass, mine was approximately 2″ long.

2. Thread your charm, or main bead, if you have one, onto the wire, and position in the centre.

wine glass charm tutorial 2

3. Decide how you want to arange your beads around the main charm, and thread on. Rearrange until you are happy with the look of your charm.

4. Use your mould to gently bend the wire to a smooth circle, taking care to avoid any lumps or bumps in the ring. Check the size around your wine glass, and trim off any excess wire if necessary.

5. Use your round nose pliers to gently bend one end of the wire into a small loop, and squeeze to close any gap as much as possible.

wine glass charm tutorial 3

6. Hold the straight end of the wire with the pliers and, with your free hand, use your fingers to bend the wire to a right angle. This should fit nicely into your loop to clip the ring together around the stem of your glass.

7. Fill your glass, sit back and admire your handiwork. Cheers.

If you give these a go, or if you have any other crafty tutorials that you’d like to share, please feel free to link up in the comments – I’d love to see what you have made, and get some inspiration for my next handmade adventure.

photo wine glass charm

There are so many variations you can do for these. I have made a lovely, and extremely simple, set that looks so classy (in my opinion) and can be changed depending on the guests. As they have photos on, they can be used as place markers at the table too, so if you are having a dinner party, everyone sits in the right place – double win!


I’m joining in with Tuesday Tutorials, a recent discovery I’ve made at Tales From Mount Pleasant. There are some great tutorials for so many different things – definately a place to get some great inspiration!

Tales from Mount Pleasant

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