If you are having an afternoon tea party for your mum this Mother’s Day, you could do far worse than knock up a batch of these delicious, dainty lemon and raspberry shortbread slices. They are perfect on a cake stand, look super pretty, taste divine and are easy to make to boot! That ticks all the boxes I need for an impressive bake.

How do I make these delectable delights? I hear you cry…. well, come closer and I shall tell you…

Lemon and Raspberry Shortbread Slices

100g Plain flour
50g Ground almonds
100g Margarine/butter
50g Caster sugar
zest 1/2 lemon
2 tablespoons Raspberry jam
50g Icing sugar
red food colouring

What To Do

lemon raspberry shortbread slice 31. Preheat the oven to 200C. Stir together the flour, ground almonds, sugar and zest.

2. Rub in the margarine, and bring together to a soft dough, and press half of the mixture down into a lined loaf tin. I find covering with greaseproof paper and gently pressing down with a masher helps to get a solid base.

3. Gently spoon on the jam, and spread across the dough, leaving a small margin all around.

4. Carefully top with the remaining dough. You can pre-roll this, then lay it on if you are worried about dislodging the jam. Press down gently, paying attention to the edges. Don’t worry if the top looks a little rough or cracked – the icing hides a multitude of sins.

5. Bake for 30 mins, or until pale golden, thenleave to cool in the tin.

6. When cool, mix the icing sugar with 10ml water, and spoon onto the shortbread, tilting the tin so spread evening. Dot on some red food colouring (I prefer gel) and use a cocktail stick to swirl into a pretty pattern.

7. Leave for a couple of hours, or overnight, for the icing to set, then cut into slim fingers, and enjoy with a cup of tea.

You can also make this in a square tin and cut into squares rather than fingers if you prefer. If you are planning a get-together with your mum this weekend, I hope you enjoy it. I don’t tell my mum often enough, but she really is pretty fab… I’d like to be as good a mum as she’s always been. Not only is she my mother, she’s also my friend. Thanks Mum.

I’m linking up with Honest Mum’s Tasty Tuesdays roundup. Join in or see what else is being made this week…

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If you would like to try something a bit grander for your mum, have a look at my Cake Gallery, and in particular, the Bouquet Celebration Cake… this one takes a bit of work, but well worth it


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5 Replies to “Lemon and Raspberry Shortbread Slices”

  1. Wow these are such pretty, accomplished shortbread slices, not sure mine would look anything like these but want to make them! Thanks so much for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

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