Having just been writing a blog post for my other blog, I got thinking about Valentine’s Day.

We’ve never really “done” Valentine’s Day, to be honest. For our first Valentine’s Day together, I treated him to a new wing mirror for his car (the previous one had been ripped off when a man ran into his car – long story). In a way, it could have been perceived as quite romantic – I spent ages finding the right one and even fitted it myself (now that’s love for you).

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I can’t really remember anything he’s got me. He took me away for the weekend a few years ago, to Edinburgh, but it was a last minute booking and so we actually went the week before Valentine’s. The year we got married, I cunningly got him a trip to Paris for Christmas, but arranged for us to fly on 13th February, so were away over Valentine’s weekend (resourceful, or what?)

It’s pretty clear that I don’t think Valentine’s Day is about the presents. Yes it’s lovely to be made to feel loved, but I like to feel loved  (and make Lee feel loved) all year round, not just on one day (note to Lee, that doesn’t mean you can not bother with a card). But, as much as I love roses, I’d be as happy with breakfast in bed, or a little note left secreted somewhere I’ll find it later in the day, or just snuggling up watching a film.

I asked Lee what the most romantic thing I’d ever got him was. His reply? Beer (I think he’s talking about the subscription to “Clairey’s Beer Club” I, ahem, got him for Christmas). Phew, at least it’s not just me that can’t think of romantic gifts of the past!

So, on that note, what was the most, and least, romantic gift you have given, or received? Go on, I’d love to know…

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