Meal Planning Monday – The Post Poorlyness Edition

So, the Something house has been rife with illness, primarily with poor Mr taking an age to recover from his horrendous bout of tonsillitis. But he is on the mend and back to eating, so that means I can get back to meal planning, as always with healthiness as the key ingredient (only a week and a half until Florida, baby!)

We don’t have much on this week, but we are away on Saturday night at the in laws (for which I am planning on providing the pudding… more on that later in the week, fingers crossed). Hopefully a night away won’t throw us too much off track anyway.

I’ve tried to have some good variety on the menu this week (and as I write this watching Australian Masterchef, it’s giving me some great inspiration) and I have discovered that some Wagamama recipes are on their website, so I intend to try to add some delicious Japanese inspired flavour too. As always, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t stick to it, and I do adapt recipes to suit what I have in, but I try to plan based on the contents of my freezer, and this week is looking pretty good,if I do say so myself. Here’s what we have…

Monday: Chicken Kerala
Tuesday: Gazpacho salad with crispy pollack – this has been down before, but for one reason or another has never made it on to our plates. Making sure it will this time!
Wednesday: Sticky belly pork with crackling, and waldorf salad (really looking forward to this one!)
Thursday: Wagamama… not quite sure which recipe. I went for lunch a couple of weeks ago, and was blown away. Really want to take Mr, but our nearest is over an hour away, so will settle for recreating at home.
Friday: Steak. It’s been so long since I had steak. I might even treat us to a few chips to go with it
chiffon cakeSaturday: Who knows? Father in law is a pretty good cook, so I am sure it will be something delicious. I am making an assiette of desserts for a dinner party my parents are having, and it would be silly not to make a few extra for us. I did a trial run of a chocolate chiffon cake today, and it went down well with the children… the final version will be a bit more refined and have raspberries too, and I hope it will be pretty impressive.
Sunday: I’m not sure what time we’ll be back home, to tonight will be something quick like beans on toast or omelette – nothing strenuous, but easy, healthy and comforting.

So that’s how my foodie week is looking, and I’d love your thoughts. Let me know what you are having and what you’re most looking forward to this week.

Meal Planning MondayIf you want to see a whole collection of meal planning blogs, head to At Home With Mrs M to see her linky round up.

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