My Motivation (When The Going Gets Tough)

As a mum it’s all too easy to get worn down by the humdrum, the day to day running of the house, the never ending chores, the day job and the the occasional minute of me-time (which invariably turns into a quick clear up before the next thing on the to do list). There are after-school activities to ferry various children to at various times, the dog to be walked, the shopping to be done, the house to be kept, the meals to be cooked. It’s easy to get overwhelmed from time to time – I have never professed to be Wonderwoman, and I wouldn’t get away with it if I tried. We all go through down days (or weeks, or months) but it’s what picks us up and keeps us going that is important. When the world seems to be against you, and you want to run and hide, when it seems like everything is going wrong and even the slightest setback has the potential to ruin your day…what do you do? What motivates you to keep going, to get back up and not give up?

For me, that’s an easy one. I’m not always the easiest person to live with, as I am sure Mr will confirm. I have my foibles, my annoying little habits and (endearing?) quirks. And when I feel under pressure, I do have a small tendency to be a tiny bit oversensitive and, dare I say, irritable. But the thing that picks me up when I’m feeling down, and gives me the strength to get a grip, are without a shadow of a doubt, my family.

Mr and the boys have the power to turn my mood around, to make me realise that things are never as bad as they seem, and with them by my side, I can take on the world. The small ones can make me go from sobs to giggles in seconds, and usually know just the right thing to say. They give the best hugs, and although they are coming to an age where they don’t always want to give me kisses in public (B stopped kissing me at the school gates when he was about 6!), they show their affection in other ways – rehearsing and putting on a show for us is a cuurent favourite. Tonight we were treated to a fabulous rendition of “Hey Brother” by Avicii, and the fact that they spent the time practising shows that they want to do something nice. And if a seven and a nine year old want to do nice things, how can I fail to be proud of them? That is motivating in itself! Being proud of them makes me want to make them proud of me too, and that keeps me going. Keeps me striving to be a better person and to do the right thing by them.

Without my family I’d be lost. They really are my biggest motivation. Elvis says it better than I ever could…

What’s your motivation when the going gets tough?


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3 thoughts on “My Motivation (When The Going Gets Tough)

  1. I often struggle to pinpoint what motivates me (at this point I haven’t even written my post yet!) – it’s hard because when you’re always so busy it’s sometimes hard to take stock. I adore Elvis though so maybe he needs to be part of my motivation list one day haha! I agree on family definitely, I suppose everything we do is for them really!

  2. I can really relate to your post, Claire! That me time that turns into sorting out the house (every single time!), the irritability, the children managing to make you happy again. My family (and food!) is what makes me happiest. x Mel

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