National Cat Day – Why Cats Will Rule The World

catsApparently on 29th October each year, National Cat Day is celebrated. A day in which all things feline comes to the fore, and cats of all colours, shapes, sizes and breeds are declared super-worthy of our love and affection. I love cats, I really do. We have two who allow us to share their home.
Our old man, Travis, is getting on a bit. His joints are sometimes stiff and he likes to lay on the sofa, occasionally moving up to let us squeeze in next to him. Last year we were chosen by Bella, who came to live with us, putting the dog, Bonnie, as well as Travis firmly in their places. She sometimes lets us cuddle her, and will even eat the food we give her, particularly if it’s tuna.

But seriously, cats are great. It’s true what they say… when you shout for a dog, she comes running… if you call a cat, he takes a message and gets back to you. Maybe. If it suits him.

And this is exactly why one day, I am confident that cats will rule the world.

What can we learn from cats?

Cats are clever. Yes, they might have this super-cute facade, which is all part of the act. We want to look after them. Molly-coddle them. And they are happy to indulge us, as long as it’s on their terms. But they won’t let you forget that no means no!

Cats don’t judge. Colour, race, sex, job description are all irrelevant to cats. Love and accept people for who they are. It doesn’t matter who the person you are dealing with is, as long as they are respectful to you. On the same note, why care what anyone thinks of you? Cats certainly don’t care what anyone thinks of them!

cat playingGood hygiene is imperative. Clean yourself regularly (although I still don’t get how cats can go from fast asleep to furiously cleaning without skipping a beat).

Enjoy the simple things. Nothing entertains a cat more than a light reflecting from a watch onto the carpet. That can keep them amused for hours.

But cats notice everything, Even when you think they are asleep, you can be sure that one ear is listening for anything going on.

relaxed catRelaxation is key. Cats sleep for up to 70% of their lives! That’s about 17 hours per day. Imagine if Winston Churchill had got that much sleep!

Be happy to express yourself fully and often, showing affection to those you love. A cuddle goes a long way. More so if it’s accompanied by a purr.

On which note, remember to give positive feedback to people in your life. Maybe don’t actually purr when someone does something well or kind, but you get the gist.

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait, except food, so make enough noise and that will come sooner. Especially if you follow the food-giver around and tangle yourself between their ankles. But bide your time in the game of cat and mouse, and the cat will win. There’s a metaphor there if you look closely.

cat workWork hard, and play hard too. After a hard five minutes spent checking all is in order with his garden after he wakes up on the morning, Travis likes nothing more than a bowl of breakfast then a nap, sometimes, if he has the energy, with a little bat of his catnip ball on the way past. All work and no play makes for a poor existence.

Sunshine is important, so take note of a cat’s philosophy and make sure you soak up enough vitamin D!

cat on top of doorBut always keep your cool – getting stroppy never solves anything. Much better to simply walk away and move on if something upsets you than get irrate.

As far as a cat is concerned, a leap in the right direction is one worth taking… Aim high, and if all else fails, you can be confident that you will always land on your feet.

Finally, don’t worry, be happyWhat’s to worry about when it all comes down to it, anyway?

What can you learn from your cat, before they take over the world?



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