Children come out with some corkers, don’t they?

We’ve all been there – had a giggle at the little mispronunciations, or laughed uproarously when they say or do something to make their parent turn a particularly fetching shade of puce.

The mother of one little girl at nursery with Snugboy#2 was apparently sitting angelically getting dressed after she’d been swimming (and she does look angelic) and a little old lady did that little old lady thing of telling her how lovely she was. To which Little Girl replied “No, I am a beast of a child”.

Paella will be forever known as Yellow Pie in our house, after a slip up by Snugboy#1, then aged 2.

SnugBoy#2 ran to kiss me goodbye at nursery, but got sidetracked and proffered his pout to his teacher instead.

All this makes for excellent wedding speech material, of course, not to mention lightens up the day a little. I will never forget the disparaging way Snugboy#1 told the cat off for getting in the way with an insult of “You mammal!” thrown on then end. You couldn’t argue with him though.

So, go on, lighten up my day – what’s the funniest, silliest, or most embarrassing thing your delightful child has said or done recently?

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