It’s been a busy old day here today – the first day after a Bank Holiday is always a weird one. I’ve had to keep reminding myself that it’s Tuesday, not Monday, and there is always that feeling of having just as much to do, with one day less to do it in. I love my job, I really do. I retrained as a Foot Health Practitioner after I had children. In my former life I was a Dispensing Optician, and after that I ran a business from home, which I started from scratch, making baby slings. I was very proud to begin a business from nothing, and have it rise to success, win awards and go from strength to strength. Sometimes I do regret selling it, but I do believe I did the right thing – I’d taken it as far as I wanted to at the time, and I would far rather that someone else carried on progressing it that I let it stagnate. The time was right for me to move on, and my job now is so rewarding. I love the fact that I help people, and thoroughly enjoy listening to my patients tell me stories from their past (most of the people I treat are on the elderly side and have a whole lifetime of interesting tales).

tea shopEven so, there are naturally times I daydream about what I could do. If I could choose to be successful at anything, I’d love to have a quaint little tea room, where I would serve dainty cakes and pastries,with proper tea served, from teapots, in china cups (I reserve the right to have them mismatched though). I’d have a gift shop attached, where I’d sell pretty or quirky handmade gifts, and people would flock from miles around to visit and nibble on afternoon tea. There would be live jazz or acoustic music in the evenings – it wouldn’t be a rowdy place, but a delightful place to relax and unwind. A refined and chic, and very English, version of Central Perk (am I showing my age?)

I’d have to call it something classy and pretty, but I am rubbish at thinking up names – B came up with the name for Snugbaby, so I’d rope him in to help with that one. Or maybe I’d call it something like Wonderland as a nod to Alice and the Mad Hatter’s tea party… All I know is that I’d be in my element, baking delicious treats and having a room filled with people meeting up for a peruse around the beautiful gift boutique, uncovering hidden treasures, the likes of which can’t usually be found on the high street, then staying for a perfect social occasion… because tea should always be an occasion, surely?

If you could do anything in your wildest dreams, what would you do? What would be your perfect career?


Photo Credit: Davina Purnama

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2 Replies to “Passion Projects – My Fantasy Tea Room”

  1. What a successful lady you are! I always love finding out more about the bloggers I read regularly. That little café sounds perfect. I would come! x Mel

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