Josh 25th January 2011

Meet Josh.

I know I have posted photos of him before, but usually he is hiding, fighting, posing, kissing… This is just Josh, how he is. Which, in case you can’t tell, is the most adorable, feisty, stubborn, headstrong cute, clever, funny, handsome little boy in my house (Ben is all those things, too, but without the feisty part – a blessing, indeed).

I have no doubt that Josh will succeed at whatever he wants to do in life – that’s just the way he is, and he won’t give up until he gets there. Currently it’s a vet. He’s at an age where he is darned hard work (I must go and re-read “Raising Boys”) but also utterly lovely, in (mostly) equal measures. He will argue that the sky is green, but he will just as fervently argue with you about how much he loves you. Things are important to Josh – he is very much governed by his emotions, and he can get very upset over the tiniest thing, because for some reason it’s very important to him.

Given the colouring of me and Lee (dark hair, dark eyes) I have no idea how we ended up with a blonde-ish haired, green-eyed little mischief maker, but I am glad we did. He might be a tinker, but he’s our tinker 🙂

This post is for Week 43 of The Gallery: Children
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