Photography Lesson 14th January 2011

This is not how it looks. He is not asleep. Although, you could be forgiven for thinking that was the case, given he was out for lunch with me today.

This is Stewy, landcape photographer extraordinaire and my very good friend, and he is very kindly trying to teach me a thing or two about how to take photos. In this photo, far from catching a few zeds, he is actually looking at my inferior camera while I have a fiddle with his rather lovely one. This is the first photo I took on his camera, and I quite like it, which is why it’s here. And also because he wouldn’t let me publish any of the others I took of him, because his hair was a mess (according to him).

If you want to look at some proper photos, you really should check out his selection – they are actually pretty awe-inspiring. Have a look at

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