Splash 13th January 2011

Not only is this one of my favourite ever films (and has been for probably more than 20 years – what’s not to like about Darryl Hannah and Tom Hanks?!), I also thought it was a pretty good title for this picture.

I tried (and unsurprisingly failed) to take a photo of raindrops splashing in puddles a few days ago, and whilst wracking my brains for inspiration, I figured I could recreate it in my kitchen sink, just to see if I could do it. I am pretty pleased with this. I like the reflections in the water (although that wasn’t intentional) and the shape of the ripples, and I am really pleased that I managed to capture the spheres of water that had splashed up. I had intended to crop it down so the focus was the splash itself, but I really don’t want to lose the effect of the droplets.

And my sink is even clean!

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