Where I Live 11th January 2011

Ok, so it’s obviously not exactly where I live, but it’s close. This is where I walk the dog, about 2 miles from where I live, and half a mile from where the children go to school.

I love it at this time of day.There is usually no-one else about, and it’s so quiet and peaceful. You can’t see from this picture, but you can see a long way from here, and the hills in the distance looked very pretty too. The river was pretty high, and fast flowing, today, and I had to keep a careful eye on Fox, who likes swimming (Bonnie isn’t a fan of water – it plays havoc with her poodle curls).

I was particularly glad that I had Fox with me today, as I managed to drop my camera on the large, open and quite muddy field in between trying to take a nice picture. Luckily she’s a cracker and, whilst Bonnie stood looking at me like a dimwit, as soon as I said “Go and find it” Fox shot off, nose down, and did exactly as she’d been asked. Phew!

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