My 7 year old seems to have a photographic memory, and hearing, come to that. He loves learning and finding out new things. Being a 7 year old boy, he’s very competitive, often just with himself. He loves football and playing, but his “thing” is just knowing stuff. He was devastated when he just missed out on being in the inter-school quiz team last month, but elated when they decided to run two teams, making him the captain, and the youngest member, of the new team.

I was asked to help ferry the chosen children to the venue, which gave me the exclusive opportunity to sit and watch the quiz take place. It was a close run thing, and even though the audience could only see the backs of the children, the emotion going through each and every one of them was tangible. Excitement and pure joy when they got it right, mixed with huge disappointment when they got one wrong. It was a very close run thing, and in the end B’s team came second, missing out on first place by giving one incorrect answer. Imagine my pride when one of the organisers commented to the head that B was telling the rest of the team the right answers, and his pride in himself when I relayed this to him later one.

As if that wasn’t enough, at the end of each half term our school has an award giving for children who have done something particularly well in those six weeks. This coincided with the assembly in which the headteacher congratulated the quiz teams, and he went through each member of B’s team, asking why they had done so well. Unprompted, they all said it was because they had B on their team. He looked simultaneously like he was going to burst with pride and die of embarrassment when the head gave him an award for “outstanding general knowledge”. I had to fight back the pinprick of tears behind my eyes.

In the interests of fairness to my children, I also want to share a tear-jerking moment from five year old J. He has just finished his first year at school, and tomorrow will “graduate” from reception class. Last week he brought his first report home, which was glowing, but the part that summed my clever, intelligent, kind, considerate and stubborn J up was the self evaluation sheet at the end… in the “What do you what to get better at next year?” section, J had written, in his best handwriting, “I want to get better at everything”. I can’t ask for much more than that, now, can I?

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