Bouquet Celebration Cake

Tweet A bouquet celebration cake I made for a birthday tea party, this cake features a selection of cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting, mounted with skewers onto a polystyrene ball, intended to look like a flower arrangement. Each cake is an individual serving and the leaves are made from fondant icing, coloured with green gel […]

Weekend Walk – Lacy’s Caves and Long Meg

Tweet Waking up yesterday morning, it was such a glorious spring-like day that we couldn’t not go for a walk. The children boys had been sleeping over at their grandparents’ house so we got up and went to collect them, then headed off to Little Salkeld, where we had heard of a nice walk to […]

Playing with my tripod

Tweet I know I have been told, and seen it firsthand, but had a first proper play and experiment with my new tripod today. Took some handheld shots and then exactly the same shot using the tripod. Wow. I love it 🙂

Yet another…

Tweet Ok, I know, this is getting boring. What can I say… I like flowers. And it’s raining. And I am lacking inspiration. So here is a flower.