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It’s All About YOU!

Tweet Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past few weeks, you can’t have failed to see Jamie Oliver touting his new book “Everyday Superfood“, along with his series of the same name. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying trying out the delicious, nutritious but surprisingly simple recipes he’s come up with, and particularly admire his […]

Prawn and Chorizo Towers, with Panfried Valentine Potatoes – A Romantic Recipe

Tweet Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and so, although we often have nice dinners, I took the opportunity to cook up something that looked a little, well, posher than our usual. I made crispy prawn and chorizo towers, with panfried valentine potatoes (they were heart shaped, but obviously don’t have to be). We ate at the […]

Valentine Scratchcards – Tutorial for a thrifty gift

Tweet Having been married for 10 years, we don’t bother making a fuss of Valentine’s Day… no lavish gifts or unnecessary flowers in our house. A card and dinner, and turning the laptops off, maybe. But I still like to give Husband (and the boys) a little something. With our Florida trip rapidly approaching (yay!) we are […]


Tweet Lee got me these beautiful flowers yesterday, to say thank you for me taking his forgotten gym kit to his office, even though he then decided that he wasn’t going (in fairness he didn’t finish work until 7.30pm). Whatever the reason, I love flowers, and the sunny colours of this bunch (I can’t bring […]