Walking at Castle Crag – The Great Outdoors

Tweet I’ve just watched that video – the one that has, ironically, gone viral today, about how much we lose from our lives by being constantly attached to laptops, phones and tablets in the name of “social” media. And yes, blogging can be included in that too. We miss so much, and I am sure […]

New Beginnings, New Challenges – Happy New Year 2014

Tweet Ah, that’s better. The tree is down, the cards sorted for recycling, the last mince pie has been eaten and the sherry banished to the back of the cupboard until next year. Much fun has been had, presents lovingly given and received. But now, in keeping with tradition, the house has been tidied and […]


Tweet I have been trying to get photos of the dog running, which are in focus, and this is the closest I have come (so far). Will keep trying…

Before and After

Tweet It was time for Bonnie’s haircut and having not had a proper one for six months, she was really in need of it. So I thought I’d go the whole hog, and let her suffer the ritual humiliation of having a bow put in her hair too. Please don’t report me. (And excuse the […]


Tweet I left this a bit late, and the children were in bed, so it was a choice of Lee doing his best “mean and moody” or this one, which I think is “quizzical” (or alternatively, “what are you making those stupid noises for, Mum?”) What do you think? This post is for Week 47 […]

Bonnie 18th January 2011

Tweet An unusually nice photo of my scruffy (but very cute) dog. She’s actually really hard to photograph because she’s all one colour, and very fluffy – she usually ends up looking like a brown splodge. Or she’s moving so fast she’s just a blur. But this, I like.