Walking at Castle Crag – The Great Outdoors

Tweet I’ve just watched that video – the one that has, ironically, gone viral today, about how much we lose from our lives by being constantly attached to laptops, phones and tablets in the name of “social” media. And yes, blogging can be included in that too. We miss so much, and I am sure […]

Weekend Walk – Lacy’s Caves and Long Meg

Tweet Waking up yesterday morning, it was such a glorious spring-like day that we couldn’t not go for a walk. The children boys had been sleeping over at their grandparents’ house so we got up and went to collect them, then headed off to Little Salkeld, where we had heard of a nice walk to […]

Boats in the Sunshine

Tweet A gorgeously sunny day today, but I struggled to really find something to take a photo of, so settled for quite a pretty one of the boats by the river.

Water and Rocks

Tweet I have had a very pleasant day spent in some woods, near a river, with a very good tutor showing me how to handle a camera properly. I am not sure how much of the results are down to the guidance, the camera or just me having a vaguely good day, but there are […]