Weekend Walk – Lacy’s Caves and Long Meg

Tweet Waking up yesterday morning, it was such a glorious spring-like day that we couldn’t not go for a walk. The children boys had been sleeping over at their grandparents’ house so we got up and went to collect them, then headed off to Little Salkeld, where we had heard of a nice walk to […]

Snowdrops Take 2

Tweet I know I have done snowdrops before, but these are a nice shape and they just caught my eye, so you’ll have to forgive me for doubling up on the subject matter.

Snowdrops 9th February 2011

Tweet I walked around today, on my usual walking route with the dogs, looking for a solitary tree, which was representative of how I was feeling. I had visions of a tree in the middle of nowhere, with no leaves, looking forlorn – which would be a good representation of how I was feeling today. […]